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Inner Vision Report

This report, has been commissioned by Baluji Shrivastav for the Arts Council of England. 

It has been written on the basis of participant observation, survey responses and informal interviews, focuses upon the experience of stakeholders in different aspects of the Inner Vision Orchestra tour to consider how their interests were met and how these might be further promoted in future activities. It reflects on the significance for the future planning of the Inner Vision Orchestra and, more generally, on the requirements of blind and partially-sighted performers taking part in such a tour, and the practicalities involved in its organisation.  

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Inner Vision Star Fereshteh to attend BBC 100 Women Event

They hail from all over the world, and from walks of life. They do all kinds of things: they make music, save lives, raise children, run businesses, write, preach, act and tell jokes. They campaign for their causes and strive for a better world for themselves and their families.

On Friday 25 October Fereshteh Khosroujerdy Visually impaired Iranian singer and the rest of the women will come together at the BBC\'s London headquarters, Broadcasting House, for a unique day of debate and discussion. (She is in the fifth Row) 

We\'ll ask them to tell us where they think the world\'s women are today, and to set out their goals for the future. You\'ll be able to follow every development on BBC TV, radio and online.

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Rikki Jodelko from the Inner Vision Orchestra on Resonance FM

Rikki Jodelko speaks about the Inner Vision Orchestra on Resonance FM September 2013. Go to 45 mins into the broadcast. 

Also includes live music for your listening pleasure!

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Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC London The Sunny and Shay show

Film of Baluji Shrivastav and Victoria Oruwari from Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC London Sunny & Shay show in the lead up to their big show at Kings Place Theatre London on August 23 2013

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Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC World Update

Baluji Shrivastav MD with two members of his 10 piece Inner Vision Orchestra, Takashi Kikuchi and Ziad Sinno, discuss their lives and music, and play live on air. They are touring with the orchestra all over the UK in a groundbreaking project supported by Arts Council England. Blind musicians breaking down barriers and bringing joy! Film by Linda Shanson CEO of Baluji Music Foundation

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Baluji Shrivastav OBE

Baluji has a website! Follow the latest news & events in Balujis music world, the Inner Vision Orchestra and the foundation. 

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