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Amplified NESTA Funding

The Baluji Music Foundation has secured funding from NESTA  Amplified project. The funding given will go to research and hopefully creation of a product that will assist blind musicians with and more fluid method of reading braille music. 

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Unlimited International Case Study 2019: Baluji Shrivastav – Antardrishti – Inner Vision

A review by Sarfraz Manzoor of our multi-media performance, Antardrishti. Performed in September, 2018. 

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antardrishti southbank unlimited baluji shrivastav

Resonance FM: Antardrishti - Inner Visions of India

After premiering at Southbank Centre, London in September 2018, the Antardrishti - Inner Vision show travelled to India and this radio programme is a reflection of that journey. With music, soundscapes and interviews with those involved including singer Sayani Palit, bansuri flutist Perumal Varudaraj, mridangam percussionist Ghowreesan Ratnarajah and digital artist duo Addictive TV. The interviews were conducted by Abi Baker and Kevin Satizabal. Sound design by Peter Bosher, and the producer was Françoise Lamy.

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BBC Sunday Morning Live

\"BBC Sunday Morning Live\" attended the workshops for blind musicians lead by Baluji Shrivastav.

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Daily Hunt India

Daily Hunt India

‘Going Beyond Vision. As the noted multi-instrumentalist and appointed [Baluji Shrivastav] Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) narrates his journey in the industry, the connecting dots he reveals come across as beautiful moments of serendipity — that would cease to exist if he didn\'t believe in himself.’

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Baluji Shrivastav OBE

Baluji has a website! Follow the latest news & events in Balujis music world, the Inner Vision Orchestra and the foundation. 

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