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Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC London The Sunny and Shay show

Film of Baluji Shrivastav and Victoria Oruwari from Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC London Sunny & Shay show in the lead up to their big show at Kings Place Theatre London on August 23 2013

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Inner Vision Orchestra on BBC World Update

Baluji Shrivastav MD with two members of his 10 piece Inner Vision Orchestra, Takashi Kikuchi and Ziad Sinno, discuss their lives and music, and play live on air. They are touring with the orchestra all over the UK in a groundbreaking project supported by Arts Council England. Blind musicians breaking down barriers and bringing joy! Film by Linda Shanson CEO of Baluji Music Foundation

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Article in The MU featuring Inner Vision Orchestra by Katie Nicholls

From Ray Charles to Andrea Bocelli, blind or partially-sighted artists can succeed. But are the UKs stages welcoming to the visually impaired?

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Arts Professional - Blind to the facts

...Blind and visually impaired musicians need opportunities to perform at well-publicised events, so that young talent can be nurtured into viable careers. If blind musicians were engaged in the infrastructure of the music industry it would create more roles for them to contribute their abilities...

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IVO on stage

Lottery funding brings visibility to blind orchestra Inner Vision

The Inner Vision Orchestra is a remarkable group of talented musicians from around the world who are all blind or partially sighted. Their founder and musical director is Indian born but long-time resident of Britain Baluji Shrivastav who has a distinguished career as an Indian classical musician and composer and has performed with Stevie Wonder, the Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis.

Inner Vision Orchestra hail from India, Iran, Japan, Nigeria and Lebanon and they play music ranging from Japanese folk to Western classical, and from soulful gospel and blues to Indian ragas. With the help of National Lottery funding through the Arts Council they toured seven venues around London between 29 April to 15 June 2012.

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