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As [Inner Vision] Orchestra played striking music at the British Council here, it was accompanied by the graceful gestures and body movements by an Indian classical dance group headed by Arunima Kumar -- all feeding into a beautiful recital of Gitas 11th chapter Vishwaroopam Darshana. The performance held the audience\'s attention, as an audio-visual accompaniment played street sounds -- that of a coconut being cut, a street being swept and food items being sieved -- to which the ensemble played the tabla, sitar, flute, piano and violin. As British Council\'s North India Director Tom Birtwistle put it, the performance celebrates the  equal contribution made by differently-abled people to communities.

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Chiman Baluji and Ghowreesan picture performing


Composer nad instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav is blind since childhood, but has never let his disability come in the way of his passion for music.

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British audio/visual electronic duo Addictive TV have collaborated with blind composer and sitar virtuoso Baluji Shrivastav OBE on his new project \'Antardrishti Inner Vision\' which celebrates disabled artists.

Antardrishti is a unique multimedia interpretation by Baluji of Chapter 11 of the Hindu epic the Bhagavad Gita, which explores the concept of divine sight through blind musicians, dancers and film, by examining sight and sightlessness. Addictive TV will be assisting the performance with a visual soundscape that samples musicians, sights and sounds from India.

The event will feature the Inner Vision Orchestra, which is the UK\'s only blind ensemble founded by Baluji, as well as Sayani Palit, Raju Maurya, Perumal Varudaraj and Chimanlal Patel. The Arunima Kumar Dance Company, meanwhile, will be performing Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam.

The multimedia event made its premiere in London this month, and is now set to tour India commencing this week. Head to the Baluji Music Foundation website for further info; to buy tickets, follow this link.

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TIMES OF INDIAThe roads are clogged with Ganeshotsav celebrations and the  ..   Read more at: http:/


The roads are clogged with Ganeshotsav celebrations and the traffic chaotic. Moving at a snails pace, when you finally reach the hotel in Cuffe Parade almost 45 minutes late, the OBE awarded Indian multi-instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav shows no signs of annoyance. Instead he smiles as he clutches your hand warmly and leads you to a chair next to him.

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Gifts given from radio station

All India Radio interview with Baluji Shrivastav

Interaction with Baluji Srivastava, OBE- Indian Musician, who has carved a niche for himself internationally and infused Indian Music with Western Jazz, bringing out a beautiful confluence of music which not only is mesmerising but also proves that music has no boundaries. Mr. Baluji Srivastava OBE came to perform in front of live audience at British Council Delhi.

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Baluji Shrivastav OBE

Baluji has a website! Follow the latest news & events in Balujis music world, the Inner Vision Orchestra and the foundation. 

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