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Documentary screening No. 4 : The Inner Vision Tour

537, UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Screening of "The Inner Vision  Orchestra Tour" documentary followed by live music plus Q&A showing “the power of music to transform lives”.

Event presented by artist and filmmaker Seemab Gul.

The Inner Vision Orchestra is an ensemble of blind musicians united by Indian-born and London-based multi-instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav. Baluji believes that “blindness is not a disability”. The orchestra engages in music-making through oral traditions and improvisation. This combines the musical genres of the different countries from which its members originate. Baluji believes that there is employment discrimination, as well as issues surrounding accessibility and a lack of confidence in blind people, which limit their musical engagement and, as such, he strives to create opportunities for their development, not least through a UK tour. 

The presentation will look at these musicians’ lives from a sociological perspective by exploring issues of disability, self-identity and the perspectives of members of this unique ensemble in relation to matters of empowerment and marginalisation. It will be followed a screening of a film made about them; and the aims and process of creating it will be discussed too.     

Date: 14th November 2017
Time: 16:30–17:30
Admission Fee: FREE
Veneu: UCL Institute of Education
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