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Rikki Jodelko


Rikki has been playing since he was a child but started to take the guitar seriously from the age of 16 while staying with a German family.

 Rikki joined Heart n Soul for its second performance of the first Heart'n Soul show, "Rock'n Roll Dance", in February 1987 and has been a permanent member ever since.  He has toured with the company many times in Britain ,Europe and the Far East. He has had lots of studio experience recording with Heart n Soul. Rikki has been involved in other musical projects, including:  Jodelko, a band run by him and his brother Jan, performing Rikki's jazz compositions; playing and singing in Metropolis, a soul/funk band which has performed at many premier British clubs, including Ronny Scott's in Soho.

Rikki's musical interests are strongly reflected in his playing and singing styles and are centred around most forms of black music: jazz, funk, soul, R&B and blues. Rikki loves all kinds of music, however, so would attempt any musical style thrown at him. Rikki is also a very able linguist whose skills have beenusefully employed when touring in Europe. Rikki has been working a little on the improv scene in recent years and has performed with Alison Blunt, a well-known violinist and singer on the European scene.

 In March 2011 Rikki started presenting his own programme, Cita Ciega (blind date) on the internet radio station, Aculco Radio, interviewing his guests mainly in Spanish but occasionally in German and English.  The programme incorporates live and recorded music with him playing guitar and often improvises with his musician guests who include, Alison Blunt, Mauricio Velasierra, Angela Alhucema and Rudi Schmidt.  He hosted the show for 18 months.

Rikki has recently joined the Inner Vision Orchestra who's talented international members are all visually impaired.  The IVO was founded and is run by Baluji Shrivastav, a blind North Indian classical musician who has worked with Stevie Wonder, jazz saxophonist Andy Shepherd and jazz trumpeter Guy Barker, amongst many others.

Baluji Shrivastav OBE

Baluji has a website! Follow the latest news & events in Balujis music world, the Inner Vision Orchestra and the foundation. 

Baluji Blog


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